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2021 04 23 - Church Council Announcements

The HPUMC Church Council made several decisions for our Church Services and associated groups and activities at their April 20th meeting. These are in line with a safe and cautious path back to a level of normalcy.

Facemasks and social distancing will continue and for the present time, we will have just one 10 am Sunday service. The issue of re-starting the 8 am service will be re-visited at the June 15th Church Council meeting.

Sunday School can be resumed for adults and children and the Children’s Nursery will open on May 9th for Mother’s Day (facemasks and social distancing will still be required).

Use of the church facilities by associated groups will be approved on an individual group request. Groups that have returned are the Boy Scout Troops 12 and 13, Cub Scouts, Quilters, Bells, Northeast Kansas Allied Tribes, and the Cherokee dinner group. Throughout the pandemic both the Meals on Wheels and ICARE have continued their vital services taking into account safety measures.