Calm and Bright - Advent Series

Prepare for an incredible Advent season with “Calm and Bright: 200 Years of Silent Night.” This beloved Christmas carol is 200 years old this year, and we want to celebrate.

The four-week sermon series is all about finding peace in Christ in a time of disharmony and division. In the troubled world we live in today, we truly need to receive a message of Christ's hope and comfort. As we look ahead to our plans over the season, consider how this worship series can shine a light of peace and positivity in our community.  Join us!

December 2: “Sleep in Peace – PEACE”  Isaiah 9:2-7
Humanity is the holy infant from who God desires a heavenly peace

December 9: “Glory Streams – JOY”  Luke 2:8-20
How would our lives be renewed if we saw the world and our lives through the lens of wonder?

December 16:  “Redeeming Grace – LOVE”  John 1:1-18
What would the world be like if "love's pure light" was at the center?

December 23: “Let us Sing – HOPE” Matthew 2:1-12
Wherever there is injustice in the world, we are to look to the one whose power is love. How might this increase our hope in the future?

December 24:  “Calm and Bright”  Luke 2:6
On this night, we remember the promise that God is with us forever more.

December 30:  “Christ is Born” Revelation 21:1-6
What is being born in us?