Bishop’s Round-Up Against Hunger

The Bishop’s Round-Up Against Hunger announces its 2016 celebration event for Saturday, November 19 from 9 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. at the Douglass County Fairgrounds, north of Kansas Highway 10 at 2010 Harper St., in Lawrence, Kansas.

The agencies that come to the Bishop’s Round-Up Against Hunger event are looking for particular items that have been traditionally provided by the Bishop’s Round-Up Against Hunger. These include food, bedding, toys, paper products, diapers, HUGS (hats, underwear, gloves and socks), health kits, school kits, layettes, new toys and games.

You can help provide these items on the day of the event. As we celebrate all that the church is doing, we also want to do ministry as well to the agencies who come to the Bishop’s Round-Up Against Hunger event.

Here is a listing of what would be requested by the agencies for this year’s event. You can download the brochure and this flier which explain what each of these items are:

  3400 cases Food (distributed in cases of 12 items)
  200 boxes Bedding
  100 individual Toys (new)
  250 boxes Paper (toilet paper, paper towels)
  750 boxes Diapers
  450 sets         HUGS
  2600 full kits Health Kits
  1500 full kits School Kits
  300 sets         Layettes

More information on the Bishop's Round-up for Hunger