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What does the church library have for me and my family?

  • Stories (fiction) for all ages

  • Nonfiction

  • Poetry

  • Biographies

  • Videos & tapes

  • Religious material (devotionals, Bibles, prayer and study guides)

  • Travel information (Kansas & the World)

  • Reference books

How do I find what I am after?

Materials are organized by the Dewey Decimal system and we have an indexed card catalog. You can also ask any Library Committee member for help.

How do I check out materials?

Sign your full name and date on a checkout card and leave the card in the box provided.

How long may I keep materials?

For three (3) weeks and items may be rechecked (just leave a note). Reference materials are an exception and are to be used in the library only or returned as soon as possible.

How does the library get its materials?

Materials are purchased with funds from the Library Committee budget or UMW budget, gifts from individuals, memorials or donations of used books.