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For Your Health

Parish Nursing at HPUMC

The church supports a registered nurse to serve the congregation by offering spiritual, emotional and physical support to church members. The Parish Nurse provides the following functions:

Health Educator: Seeks to raise the health awareness of the faith community.

Personal Health Counselor: Discusses health problems, explains medications, treatments and alternatives, and assesses the need for further resources from church and health community.

Referral Source: Acts as a liaison to other community resources and services.

Facilitator: Recruits and coordinates volunteers as needed. Addresses health and safety issues within the church.

Integrator of Health and Healing: Seeks to promote an understanding of the relationship between lifestyle, attitude, faith and well-being.

The Parish Nurse operates within a strict code of confidentiality. The Parish nurse does NOT give injections, draw blood or perform other invasive procedures that may occur in a doctors office or clinic.

For more information, please contact the church office by calling 266-6555.